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Hand built in Italy by espresso experts Commercial brewing group head in chromed brass Full...

188.000.000 VND

BFC Delux 1G/4/EL - E with compact design

79.800.000 VND

Anti- drip. Dynamic colors: Black, red.

68.380.000 VND

BFC Galileo 2G/14/EL is luxury, designed in royal style

168.000.000 VND

Innovative system that maintains temperature and pressure constant, Galileo delivers high energy savings.

128.000.000 VND

Thanks to the new T.C.I technology, each single group's delivery temperature can be easily managed, ...

332.800.000 VND

A dependable classic that never goes out of style

292.383.000 VND

Automatic boiler water level control

115.800.000 VND